The Gujju History Teacher

A fresh graduate was offered the job of a History Teacher in a Gujarati school.
So he brought a glass of water with him in the class and started teaching in Gujarati.
He showed the glass to the whole class, and asked, "Can you tell me what is this?"
Students found fun in this approach and in one loud voice responded, "Glass of Water."
Then he showed his middle finger, and asked, "What is this?'
The class in a unified voice boomed, "Your finger."
Then he dipped his finger in the water and asked, "What is this?'
The class loudly said, "Your finger in the water?"
The teacher pulled the finger out of water, kept it pointed towards earth and asked, "What is this?"
The class said, "Your finger out of water."
Then he pointed at a water drop accumulated at the figure tip about to fall, and asked again, "What is this?
The whole class thundered in Gujarati, "Tipu" (i.e. for Drop in English).
The new teacher wiped the sweat off his forehead and said, "Well, you all learned today what is called "Tipu". Now to-morrow I plan to teach you what is called "Sultan". The class now is dismissed."


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